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The Clinica Visual y Auditiva (The Visual & Hearing Clinic) offers specialized services in Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology (ENT) through highly qualified medical personnel. We are committed to provide health care with the highest standards and supported by the latest technology for the promotion, prevention and diagnosis of Visual and Hearing related conditions, in addition to give medical and surgical treatments and rehabilitation programs, which are aimed at empower our patients.

Pedro Pablo Perea Mafla


To contribute to improving the quality of life of our users and their families through services with the highest level of excellence, particularly in visual health and otolaryngology (ENT), including complementary services, therapeutic processes, processes of habilitation and rehabilitation, as well as alliances with major institutions of education, with the purpose of generating useful knowledge for society, that is oriented towards a culture of safety, inclusion and humanization.


Consolidate our practices and services at the national and international level, be a reference to other institutions working in the areas of Visual and Hearing related conditions and be at the forefront of medical treatments for diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat. More importantly, to have a positive social impact on the care model that is utilized to provide health services in Colombia.


The Visual and Hearing Clinic is a non-profit organization that develops programs for the awareness, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. It is leading in providing quality care to patients and in providing the best medical technology.

The Clinic surpluses are allocated to the rehabilitation programs at the Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca, our parent organization, and are used for the empowerment of children with visual and hearing impairment. Learn more at www.ciegosysordos.org.co.

Our committed with the environment is aimed at recycling all medical waste, and have a responsible energy and water consumption.


Our institution is guided by these values:

  • Responsibility: Mindfulness of the possible consequences of certain acts; anticipation, prevention and avoidance of situations that may cause harm to oneself, others, and the environment.
  • Respect: All human beings are worthy subjects and not objects, and therefore, deserve respect.
  • Attention and Care: Seeing to it that people are given utmost provision, as well as showing sensitivity to their needs and consideration to their requests.
  • Tolerance: Observing active respect for all people.
  • Solidarity: Finding common interest as a result of cooperation in achieving the objectives; social bonding as a result of helping those in need.
  • Justice: Judgment using moral capacity and supporting such judgments with reason and to act in accordance to them. (John Rowls)
  • Equality: Recognizing that all people are equal, and therefore deserve the same decent treatment.
  • Honesty: Behaving and speaking with sincerity, transparency, and consistency.


  • The building of the Clinica Visual y Auditiva started and was managed with the help of Mr. Jean Batersman, representative of Terre Homes in Colombia; along with the technological support of the German NGO Christoffel Blindenmission resources C.B.M.
  • The Clinic was created as a medical unit to provide consultation services and assessment for the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. The Clinic was devised as part of the Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca (Institute for Deaf and Blind Children of the Valle del Cauca) during the administration of Mrs. Stella Basurto Garcia and board of directors made up of the Dr. Carlos José Villaquirán, Dr. Orlando David, Dr. Melba Garcia Ortega, Dr. Rosmira Martínez, Dr. Manuel Quintana, Dr. Carlos Alberto Reyes, and Dr. Gabriel Umaña.
  • Under the general direction of Mrs. Doris Garcia de Botero and the board formed by Dr. Carlos José Villaquirán, Dr. Orlando David, Dr. Melba Garcia Ortega, Dr. Oscar Dario Morales, Dr. Mauricio Celín, Ms. Rosa Ilba Serpa, and Dr. Thomas Garcia it was necessary to build the new headquarters of the Clinic. This project was completed with the Instituto para Niños Ciegos y Sordos del Valle del Cauca own resources and thanks to the help and support of Aceros Diaco, Mayor of Santiago de Cali, (Mr. Apolinar Salcedo), Siderurgica Pacific Proing, Hugo Villaquirán Sarasti, Ladrillera Melendez, Alumina, Agafano, Premolda, Laminados Andinos SA, Aggregates Cachibí, Acesco, Midas, EPSA, Cemex, Illumination techniques, Martha Cecilia Caceres, Siemens, Alfagres, Elisa Eder Giovanelli, Cine Colombia, Luis Fernando Rojas and friends, Estrupanel West, Carvajal, Carlos José Villaquirán Sarasti, Charlot Advertising Ltda, Cementos Argos, Grupo Scarpetta, Corona Foundation, Jaime Jordan Mejia, Charts Andes.
  • The Clinic was open to the public and the entire community of the Southwestern region of Colombia, specializing in diseases of the eye, ear, nose, and throat. The Clinic provides private services and in partnership with major health institutions in the country offer services to all of the population.
  • El 15 de noviembre se inauguró la nueva sede con los más altos estándares de calidad y con una tecnología de punta que actualmente renueva día a día para estar a la vanguardia.
We have a specialized team that meets all the needs of our patients and the best equipment for any treatment.
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