Complementary Services

To support our services otorhinolaryngology, we have a broad range of complementary services carried out by a medical team of specialists that possess extensive experience and uphold utmost professionalism.


Speech Therapy (for children, adults and seniors)

Treats disorders of human communication, which includes all the features of oral and written language, as well as nonverbal communication.

The speech therapist evaluates, intervenes, and investigates language disorders (oral and written). They also put focus on the speech, as well as swallowing disorder of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. They determine problems in articulation, and also assess problems like functional pause, as a result of trauma and organic cause (or acquired impaired mental development). Besides oral problems, speech therapists also specialize in difficulties in the written language and apply the appropriate therapy to patients who have such problems.

Swallowing Therapy

Aimed at patients that have difficulty in passing the food during the act of swallowing. Swallowing therapy involves dietary modifications, facilitating maneuvers, postural maneuvers, and facilitative techniques applied to the patient.

Myofunctional Therapy

This therapy has the aim of prevent, evaluate, diagnose, and correct orofacial dysfunctions that can interfere with both speech production, and the structure of the teeth and jaw relations.

Voice Therapy

Therapeutic alternative that can be used in different cases, from chronic conditions such as laryngitis or hoarseness, to more serious conditions affecting the throat and vocal cords. It works on the mechanisms that produce the sound of the voice. Voice Therapy also focuses on patients whose systems have been affected as a result of certain conditions such as tumors in the throat, Parkinson’s disease, papillomas in the throat, larynx cancer, strep throat, reflux, laryngitis, dysphonia, and vocal cord damage, among others..

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Promotes and encourages the development of mechanisms to compensate or correct abnormalities of spatial orientation and balance produced by vestibular lesions, to improve the quality of life of patients.

Hearing Rehabilitation

Alternative treatment for children who have difficulty processing what they hear.

Hearing Protectors
Isolates ears from noise and offers protection from water.
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