Complementary Services

In addition to support our services in Ophthalmology, we have a list of complementary services carried out by a team of medical specialists, recognized for their expertise and professionalism.

Facial Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery aims to correct the effects of premature aging on the face, as well as solve health problems and meet aesthetic and beauty needs.

Cosmetic surgery can be performed on the eyes, nose, ears, chin, lips, cheeks, forehead or the entire face.

  • Blepharoplasty: Eyelid surgery
  • Otoplasty: Ear surgery
  • Rhinoplasty: Nose Surgery
  • Mentoplasty: Chin surgery
  • Rhytidectomy: Full facelift surgery


Orthoptics Therapy

Designed to help relieve ocular abnormalities such as strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and double vision. It is a set of exercises to correct the alterations of ocular motility and strengthen the muscles responsible for eye movements, so that the eyes work in coordination.

Variety of frames, lenses, contact lenses, and ocular prostheses are offered to patients.
Low Vision Therapy
This is a therapy that teaches the patients to use their residual vision so that they can adapt and function with normality in its environment.
Through this service our medical staff adapt contact lenses to our patients.
There is a prior assessment done by an ophthalmologist and optometrist.
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