Diagnostic AID

In La Clinica Visual y Auditiva, we are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the safety of our patients, as well as the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic results such as:

  • Video electronystagmography
  • VHIT
  • Auditory evoked potential
  • Steady-state evoked potential
  • Evoked potential single frequency and specific frequency
  • Equipment for othacoustic emissions
Hearing Test
Test in which hearing acuity is assessed and quantified using a computerized audiometer with two channels. Using this equipment suprathreshold tests (Sisi, Tone Decay and Field Dynamic) are performed.
Pediatric and Adult Fibronaso-laryngoscopy
Using a fiberoptic endoscope, it is used to clear the upper respiratory tract. Turbinate, middle meatus, nasal septum, Eustachian tube, nasopharynx, palate, tongue base, epiglottis, vocal cords and subglottic tracheal rings are first observed.
Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

This is a series of tests for patients whose ears do not correctly interpret the perceived sound stimuli. In other words, they are “able to listen but not understand.”

  • Dichotic tests
  • Temporal processing tests
  • Mono Testing
  • Binaural interaction tests
  • Test location
  • Test lateralization and testing and objective
  • Objective tests electrophysiological and electroacoustic
  • Testing Bepadi


Evaluates the functionality and anatomical aspect of the vocal cords. Acoustic analysis of voice and electro laryngeal myography are carried out.

Potential Steady State

Audiological test that complements and corroborates diagnosis, as well as evoke auditory potential. It can specify the degree of hearing loss from the range of 250 to 4.000Hz.

Electrocochleography Test

Evaluates the electrical response of the cochlea and allows differential diagnosis for vertiginous syndromes.

Anti-allergy Anatomical Plugs

Made with imported material to ensure complete sealing of the ear canal in order to isolate noise and prevent water from entering.

Assessment of the function of the middle ear through automated equipment. It is used both for adults and babies.
Electro Nystagmography
Done by a equipment of two channels to graphically record eye movements to assess the peripheral and central vestibular apparatus, inducing nystagmus.
Video Head Impulse Test (VHIT)

Series of tests that are useful in the diagnosis of:

The VHIT is a new diagnostic test for people suffering from vertigo. With the VHIT, exploration of balance in the inner ear (vestibular system) is faster and more convenient for the patient than other techniques. Another advantage is that it does not cause any other side effects such as vertigo when the test is performed.

The VHIT records and analyzes the vestibular-ocular reflex through analysis of eye movements that occur at certain head movements. With this test the operation of the vestibular system and its degree of involvement is determined.

Evoked Potential Hearing

Using special equipment, the auditory brainstem level is evaluated. This is specially for neurological- and auditory-uncooperative patients diagnosed with Down Syndrome and emotion disorders, as well as toddlers and babies.

Specific Frequency Potential

Auditory evoked potential can define the degree of hearing loss from the range of 250 to 4.000 Hz through a tone burst stimulus type.

Measurement and adaptation to hearing aids

Real ear measurement and fitting of hearing aids with the use of computerized equipment.

Otoacoustic Emissions

Objective and noninvasive test which assesses the functionality of the outer hair cells located in the cochlea. The otoacoustic emissions are originated from the energy released by the cochlea, and recorded by the ear canal.

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