Diagnostic AID

The medical technology we use is of high quality and meets safety conditions making it suitable for diagnostic tests. We can guarantee our patients reliable results when it comes to proper and timely treatment.

The consultation includes a complete refractive examination, by which this pathology is solved through adaptation of eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Patients experiencing different pathologies will be forwarded to ophthalmology services.
Visual Fields
We have the latest technology to the measurement of visual fields, which can be caused by ocular hypertension and glaucoma, or can present in patients with neurological problems or optic nerve.
Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP)

Detection of changes in the patient’s vision.


Measurement of the thickness of the cornea.

Flash Electroretinogram

Evaluation of the operation of the retina.

Color Photo

Evaluation of the anterior and posterior segments and damages to the optic nerve. Photos of strabismus can be captured in different positions.

Endothelial Cell Count

Quantification of endothelial cells of the cornea and its morphological characteristics. This allows our medical staff to identify the degree of damage in corneal pathology and surgical risk in patients with corneas that have deficient cells.

Patients with muscle or motility problems are assessed. We perform treatments of accommodation or convergence, we make pre-surgical measurements for strabismus surgery.
Assessment of the power of the intraocular lens. This is requirement for patients with cataract, to be able to choose the appropriate lens to surgically correct this pathology.
Corneal Topography
Evaluate the characteristics of the corneal surface and serves to analyze the cornea’s optical structure. It allows a topographic map of the cornea, measuring its thickness and curvature to determine the relevance against corneal surgical procedures.
Ultrasound Waves

Detection by intraocular and orbital abnormalities in patients with opaque media.


Assessment of visual and inflammatory disorders of the retina through fundus photographs.

Optic Nerve Tomography

Procedure for glaucoma diagnosis to allow proper monitoring and management.

Pre-surgical Test for Refractive Surgery


Test that allows a scanner to see what is inside the patient’s eye. Through this assessment the damage in the macula is detected, which will determine the diagnosis and the treatment.

Low Vision Optometry Refraction Test

Conducted to potentiate the visual remains of the patient.

In La Clinica Visual and Auditiva, we have the following high-tech equipment for diagnosis

Tomograph for examinations of the optic nerve (OCT)

Checks the optic nerve to monitor and diagnose patients with glaucoma. It also analyzes retinal thickness, macular holes, macular degeneration, macular edema, diabetic, cysts in the macula and the like, as well as the layers of nerve fibers.

MicroPulse Laser (Yellow)

Produces a physiological response from the retina, causing minor damage compared to other lasers. It is indicated for patients with damage to the macula.

AcuTarget HD™

This is the first diagnostic aid equipment of its kind in the Colombia’s Southwerten region. This machine allows our medical staff to:

  • Objective assessment of optical quality
  • Determination of the best position of KAMRA ™ device (which corrects presbyopia)
  • Measurement of potential visual acuity
  • Assessment of the quality of the tear film
  • The determining of the position of the Purkinje or visual axis, showing the depth of focus or ability to accommodate patient
  • The OSI or diffraction index value, further allowing objective evaluation on a patient with cataracts

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